Picture : Michel Vautrot in the middle with the IFFHS Trophy 1988, Luigi Agnolin (left) and Alexis Ponnet (right) took second and third place.




Michel Vautrot ( born in Saint-Vit in 1945 October 23) was one of the greatest international referees in the 80′. The French man began his career as referee in the French First Division in 1973 to end in 1991. He hold the record of French Cup finals with a total of 5 : 1979, 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1987. He was quickly considered in the international world and became FIFA referee in 1975 to 1990. So he officiated five matches in the FIFA World Cup : two in 1982 ( Italy – Poland, Belgium – Soviet Union) and three in 1990 (Netherlands – Ireland, Argentina – Cameroon and the semi-final Argentina – Italy). He whistled also the UEFA European Champion Cup (Champions League) final  1986 between Steaua Bucarest and FC Barcelona.



1988-1989 : Michel Vautrot had the honour to referee the Euro final between Netherlands and Soviet Union in München and the AFC Asian Cup final between Saudi Arabia and South Korea in Doha in 1988. So the IFFHS elected him to THE WORLD’S BEST REFEREE 1988 and also next year to THE WORLD’S BEST REFEREE 1989.

Michel Vautrot was after his career FIFA instructor, honorary President of the French referees, responsible of the Direction Technique Nationale of the Referees in France and had many functions in the referee World. He wrote also books, has his own Challenge Vautrot tournament and is recognised as an example for referees in the World.


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