The IFFHS continue to collaborate and reinforce their sporting relationships with the World in general and with the North American Continent in particular by visiting the World Football Hall of Fame Gala held 03- 05 November 2015 in Pachuca, MEXICO.

The President of the IFFHS H.E Saleh BAHWINI alongwith Vice President Robert LEY and IFFHS General Secretary Jassem AL SAYED with Carlos RAMIREZ ExCo. member visited the Grupo Pachuca for talks with Mr. Jesus MARTINEZ President of the Pachuca Group and Mr. Antonio MORENO, the Executive Director and senior members of the Pachuca Hall of Fame in Mexico.

The Pachuca Hall of Fame was inaugrated in 2011 by Joseph S. BLATTER, President of FIFA and each year have their induction ceremony held in November to nominate the best sports candidates recognizing their achievements in a very professional gathering.

The inductees this year were : Luis Figo, Daniel Passarella, Ruud Gullit, Vicent Del Bosque, Ladisalo Kubala, Amadeo Carrizo, Alcides Ghiggia and Michelle Akers from United States.

The visit to Pachuca also provided the IFFHS a wonderful cultural component visit to Mexico, one of the great cities in North America Continent.



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